Henrik Peter Ølgaard Lassen

Henrik has operated as project manager and partner in POLOG, Polar Logistics Group delivering a wide range of logistical services for small and large-scale operations in remote areas. Henrik has 25 years of experience with operations and platform management and has his core expertise in the Arctic regions. Henrik is a skilled consultant focusing on planning, managing and leading projects in geographically, environmentally and infrastructurally challenging areas. Moreover, Henrik has a background as Head Coach in Sirius Unity, where he coached individuals and groups with additional team development and reorganisation processes. He is an experience instructor at the Royal Veterinary & Agricultural University, instructing and tutoring freshmen in basic Zoology and ecology. Henrik is also a Logistics Manager at the Danish Polar Center, Ministry for Research and Technology, Operation of ad hoc research camps.

In ARIS Henrik offer advisory on-site service in camp construction for mineral survey in Arctic Greenland. He handles coordination of helicopter support for researchers and logistical advisory and transportation and relocation of researchers in Greenland. He has vast experiences in complex mobilisation and survey operations in the Arctic where he has constructed permanent and semi-permanent camps for exploration services. Henrik is a flight sergeant in the Sledge patrol Sirius in the Royal Danish Navy.

Education: Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University – Copenhagen University