Leslie Gale

Leslie is a customer-focused, innovative and successful business developer with a strong track record of researching and developing new business. He has more than 30 years of experience in managing and leading multidisciplinary teams/consortia in the aerospace, defence and oil and gas markets. He is responsible for logistics and operational support in ice infested regions for the offshore and shipping markets. Leslie is skilled in strategic research and business development management – and as senior project manager he is responsible for business innovation, product development, services development and delivery.

Leslie has operated as programme manager with businesses in Kazakhstan and management of multi-year service contracts in remote sensing, weather and water level forecasting. Leslie has developed expertise in the application of satellite based earth observations for oil & gas exploration and production logistics and HSE support. He negotiates professional contracts and contacts customers to establish base of projects for applied R&D fitting to our customer’s strategic goals.

Leslie is a skilled quality manager and software systems development manager – an expertise he for example uses to implement real-time software systems for military ships. Moreover, he develops system specification for ship defence and ground (Low level air defence) fire control systems plus specification of civil systems for coastal navigation and harbour shipping management.

Education: The University of Salford, train engineers for the industrial sector.