Sebastian Ravn Rasmussen

With 15 years of experience with polar logistics and arctic conditions Sebastian offers our customers consultative and executive resources in the Polar Regions. Sebastian has been a partner and project manager in Polar Logistics Group, POLOG since 2005. He is a highly specialised operator and consultant dealing with execution of large scale remote and logistic operations for several exploration operators in the Arctic. He did foreign service in Greenland in a 26 month deployment as a sledge driver in the Sirius patrol, a special long distance reconnaissance unit operating in the vast and remote areas of North and Northeast Greenland. He also has 10 years of experience in the Danish Armed Forces dealing with management, logistics and operations – among other long term foreign services in Bosnia, Croatia and Greenland. Moreover, Sebastian has handled and coordinated national and international scientific projects in the Danish Polar Centre in relation to Greenland operations. Sebastian has specialised in remote location logistics, Flight coordination, project management, camp construction and operation, medical and safety support and consultancy.

Education: Webdesigner