Ice Management

Sign on with effective and safe missions

ARIS Ice Management services cover surveillance, intelligence and physical ice handling. We have profound and hands-on experiences with planning of seismic and FEED milling operations, ice advisory, ice team coordination, emergency support, observations and ice charting. Moreover, we offer you knowhow in meteorological and oceanographic consultancy and reporting.

ARIS Ice Management offers you valuable functions:

Safety – mitigating the risk of an iceberg/facility collision

Minimal operational down time – striving to detect and control ice and eliminate operational down time caused by initiating response plans

Creating an Ice Management plan

ARIS has a well-established walkthrough process for Ice Management aiming at identifying challenges and possibilities before entering into ice infested waters. We cover all your needs from business case to turnkey delivery.

  1. Initial studies of the physical environment:
    We collect historical data for statistics and investigation assessment and real-time data for observations. We offer you iceberg and sea ice investigations and statistics including breakup and freeze reports together with MetOcean investigations and statistics regarding waves, weather, currents etc. For optimal risk assessment and analysis we perform statistical weather and ice routing simulation (SALTO setup).
  2. Planning of operation
    In close dialogue with you, we define operation criteria based on situational awareness. We design surveillance and warning systems, real time and near real time data collection systems, programs and units in order to secure optimal performance. In addition, we deliver weather forecasts for air operations and forecast for ice, marine mammals etc. – and we offer MetOcean and ice routing for ships.
  3. Ice Management Plan
    In this stage of the Ice Management plan we agree how to handle all the information and decisions making procedures involved in the operation. That involves design and description of the overall setup with ships and support units including their ice classification, capacity and presumed tasks etc. Moreover, we develop a communication and organisation plan.
  4. IT system design – C3D-system, Command, Control, Communication and Decision system
    The technical IT setup should be adjustable to any operation with various constellations of pre-existing building blocks – the Lego concept. System examples; ICE06, SALTO, IDNS, NARWHALE, SEAPLANNER.
  5. Pre-execution of operation
    This is the installation phase of ‘eyes and ears’ together with technical installations of radar systems, UAV and AUV units, satellite uplinks, PC and laptops and network connections, communication systems etc. We deliver onboard hard installations like helicopter platforms or medical units. We safeguard the setup of ice and MetOcean centres – both onshore or offshore. We take care of everything from data handling and setup for testing of product production to training and crewing.
  6. Launch operation
    We help you execute on location.